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“A heartwarming story behind a fan creating incredible, bespoke banners.” – Liverpool Echo

“Incredible. The intricate level of detail for each and every piece is a sight to behold.” – This Is Anfield

The supporters of Liverpool Football Club are known the world over for their unrivalled passion, their unparalleled devotion, and, of course, for their unique sense of tradition. The roar of the Kop. The inventiveness of their songs. Their famous wit. Their iconic anthem. And, of course, the banners – that sea of Red that floods cities all over Europe whenever “them Scousers” are in town.

This book tells the story of one craftsman, Mark Sweatman, who has taken his passion for the Reds to another level, producing dozens of intricate, unique, bespoke, hand cut, beautifully stitched handmade banners, both for himself and for other supporters, leaving his own indelible mark on the Kop for generations to come.

He shares his design inspirations, his anxieties and ambitions, and the stories of the Kopites who have commissioned his work. Alongside hundreds of beautiful images of his banners, Mark also shares his own story of how he first came to produce these Labours of Love, along with a step-by-step guide for anyone inspired to follow in his footsteps and produce their own.

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