A one off piece to rescue neighbourly bragging rights, this little (at least compared to my usual banners) flag, made from an end-of-roll offcut, was rushed out in a couple of hours for my mate whose cheap flag – which sits atop a huge flagpole in his garden for the principal, noble purpose of irritating his Blue neighbours – had been destroyed in recent high winds.

Worried that they might think he had taken it down deliberately himself following our recent run of form, he was desperate to get a quality, hardy replacement to show that no terms of surrender were being offered, and indeed he is upping the ante. ?

Measuring 70cm X 130, I give you the national flag of the People’s Socialist Republic of Liverpool (Birkenhead Annexe). I look forward to showing you pictures of it on the front line of the turf war. ?

I mean, would YOU say no to this loony?

EDIT: I have received word from the front line in Prenton, and am glad to report that victory has now been declared in the great Turf War. The Blues are running for cover.

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