Only the second design I’ve crafted in a different language.

A very different brief – a banner to hang in pride of place in the customer’s home, and as you may have guessed, that home is across the Irish Sea. The Gaelic translates as “with hope in your heart”, an obvious reference to You’ll Never Walk Alone, and under the crest, the smaller text reads “the richest story”.

That’s just what this creation is about – story and history. Linguists will appreciate that most European languages only have one word for both of these English ideas (Geschichte in German , histoire in French, storia in Italian, historia in Spanish), and it is from our stories that our history develops – there truly is no distinction between the two concepts.

To tell this story of the ancient love affair between Liverpool and Ireland, a very traditional look was required, with a Celtic font choice, a shield of my own design, and a muted colour palette employing creams and golds to give a feeling of age and patina. As a final flourish, a gold bullion fringe adorns the bottom hem of the banner, a special finishing touch to make the banner worthy of the pride of place it will enjoy in its owner’s home.

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