The finished banner.

Commissioned by a proud family of Reds to celebrate back to back seasons of success for Jürgen and the boys, it will feature the two trophies Liverpudlians are raised to crave most.

Dad John was looking for the perfect gift for his Liverpool mad twin sons to mark their 21st birthday. The banner was kept as a surprise, and the boys were presented with it on the day.

There was a little bonus for me on the first evening when I realised that the Liverbird centrepiece of this one is identical in size and design to the previous banner I made, so I was able to re-use the stencil and shave some production time off before enjoying the Reds’ win over Brighton. It is rare that I get to relax in the evenings without a pair of scissors in my hand, so this was a nice bonus.

You will notice the two-tone lettering on this banner. This gives an extra special look to it, worthy of the occasion, but obviously this comes at a cost, since it requires twice as much fabric and twice as much work – every single letter shape has to be cut out four times – twice from paper to make the stencils, and twice from felt to form the letters.

The banner also includes some subtle, special touches. The trophies are embellished with the numbers 19 and 6, and in the top right corner of the banner, in red on red, is the boys’ birthdate. A very special gift indeed.

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