I love a challenge that includes a bit of scope for design. My last project for the Qatar Reds had it in spades, and the brief for this one also gave me some room for invention.

My first design.

The brief was quite simple – the name of the organisation, perhaps a quite that connected them to Anfield, and a Liverbird and eternal flame.

My first effort (above) was good but didn’t quite hit the mark. The customers decided it was a bit too much about Switzerland and not enough about Liverpool. Lessons learned, I moved onto a second design, and began designing a new logo for the Club.

The final design.

I was particularly proud of the Liverbird design, which took quite some time to perfect. I’ve recently invested in a new computer (Surface Pro) with a stylus pen, and this has already proved a very useful tool in refining my designs. It’s portability also means I can tinker with them during my lunch hour at work, which is a nice way to decompress after a morning of teaching.

Having refined the design, this weekend I set about beginning the hard work – printing the design, ‘stitching’ it together with tape, and then hours of cutting out stencils. I managed to get all of this done, and over the next few days, I will be able to work on marking and cutting the fabric. With so many small letters in the logo design, it will be quite a long ‘build’, but I’ll get there in the end.

With all the stencils complete, it was time to mark out the fabric and then to start cutting again.

Then, with all cutting complete, time to lay it all out, mark and measure before fixing. This was a big challenge on this project because of the small letters around the central logo.

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