A popular song among Liverpudlians, particularly as it brings back memories of that wonderful, tear-jerking musical montage after the Istanbul win in 2005, In My Life by the Beatles has featured on many banners before, and originality is certainly not a claim that can be made for this banner. However, it is a wonderful song that has touched many lives in many different ways, and as it is not a wording that I have produced previously myself, I was only to happy to take on this job, and hopefully provide Andy Young (of the hugely popular LFC Daytrippers podcast with a banner to be proud of – perhaps not the first In My Life banner and probably not the last, but certainly among the best of its kind.

The lyric “I’ve loved them all” in a football context naturally lends itself to use with multiple trophies, and Andy selected the four most prestigious in the English and European game – the European Cup and UEFA Cup flanking the Liverbird to the left, and the Premier League and FA Cup to the right.

A sweeping curve brings impact to the lettering at the top, making the most of the available space with a large, bold font that will easily be read from the opposite end of the stadium. The banner will also stand up to much closer scrutiny, however, and the fine detail of the trophies (particularly the UEFA and FA Cups, which I have never crafted previously) is sure to draw admiring glances from those who see it out and about on its many future ‘day trips’.

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