The finalised design.

You may have worked out, this is not a Liverpool banner – but it is for a Liverpool supporter.

Previous customer Dom Clarke’s (A Big Club, August 2020) first action after receiving his banner last summer was to rejoin the waiting list, for a project celebrating his second sporting passion – the MLB’s Oakland Athletics.

The slogan ‘Town Business’ is a reference to all that goes on on the streets of Oakland, and here is paired with the four World Series titles the Athletics have won while based in the City – a little reminiscent of the famous ‘Kopite Behaviour’ banner once unfurled at the Pit. I have rendered this in a two-tone font reminiscent of the familiar baseball aesthetic.

The elephant logo is that of the Oakland 68s, a supporters’ group with aims similar to those of our own Spirit of Shankly.

In short, this is Dom’s celebration of everything to do with his second sporting love, a trophy laden history comparable to that of his first.

This is Town Business.

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