A personal banner project here, which took a long time to complete. I designed it several months ago and was really happy with the look of it, but haven’t had time to work on it because if the demands of the day job, having a little one at home, and, of course, a long waiting list of paid commissions.

As a birthday treat to myself, I decided now was the time to bring it to life. As usual, ai intended to spin it out over a few weeks, but once I got in the zone, there was no stopping me. My bad back suffered a relapse earlier in the week too, so having some cutting to do to take my mind off the pain was a welcome distraction.

The inspiration for the banner is its colour scheme – bringing the yellow back to the Kop. Three icons of Liverpool life that share a golden hue, and make this banner as much about the City of Liverpool as it is about LFC.

A couple of final touches… I’d forgotten the seaweed, and I couldn’t resist an extra little flourish on the submarine.

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