A commission for a proud Red, this one will mark forever this moment in time, when our beloved Reds are Champions of Everything.

It will deliver on high impact lettering and tiny details, so it will look as good from the far end of Anfield as it does when holding it in your hands.

This customer has requested the trophies to be done in full detail, and so each will take at least a couple of hours to produce. I began this evening with the most complex one, the Premier League trophy.

One down… Three to go.
Another one done. And I’ve treated myself to a proper cutting mat. ✂️

Making good progress with this one – after the fiddly work with the trophies, cutting letters seems easy, but it can get a bit monotonous.

This mountain of letters will spell out “CAMPIONI – THE ONE AND ONLY”.

With the trophies and lettering done, the last element to work on is the Liverbird. I often save this until last because it’s my favourite bit. This Kopite has opted for a version with a foot resting on a football.

Now finished all the cutting for this project and am ready to get on with laying it out and marking up…

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