A spiritual successor to my first ever stitched banner, this design celebrates not only the title success of 2020, but all of those which came before it, dating back to 1901.

The carefully selected quote from 1988’s Anfield Rap harks back to a decade which saw 6 of the club’s 19 League wins.

The banner features the new Premier League trophy, if course, but also the beautifully intricate curved of the old League Championship Division 1 trophy (now sacriligously awarded to the winners of the second tier).

As is befitting of a banner that speaks of our Club’s entire history, the design incorporates a very classic incarnation of the Liverbird rather than the modern, stylised, simplified version. Topped off with a classic font choice, this banner oozes class, with a cheeky bit of Scouse wit to lighten the mood.

This banner design will also have a secret ‘hidden’ feature, that I will keep under my hat… for now.

5 hours of work went into this effort to replicate one of the prettiest trophies ever.

The classic version of the Liverbird with its 3D gold effect is a slow and painstaking job, with no fewer than 42 individually hand cut pieces of fabric making up the design. Piecing it all together accurately requires a good deal of focus and attention to detail.

After a few days off due to another mishap with my back, which prevented me from doing the layout and marking stage, I got the bulk of it done – all bar the lettering. The secret feature I mentioned earlier is what took the most time. The years in which Liverpool have won the League – 76 digits in total – had to be individually hand cut and then perfectly aligned before fixing. Getting this right was so important, so I am delighted to have reached this stage.

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