As prolific songwriters, it is fair to say there is a Lennon/McCartney lyric to fit every mood, and this one is no exception.

Of course, when Paul penned these words for Let It Be, the events of Hillsborough were far into future, but these lines resonate with a City that was plunged into a collective cloudy night back in 1989, one which has taken decades to navigate through.

The light that shone throughout is that of hope – for justice and for a better tomorrow – a hope encapsulated in the eternal flames which commemorate the 96 supporters lost that day. Liverpool, a city with perhaps more moral fibre than most, the hope that is built by strength of community and common endeavour never allowed that light to stop shining, even in the darkest moments of that cloudy night.

The design of this banner is as simple as possible to allow those words to speak volumes, along with the flames.

Justice for the 96.

Production was once again hampered by the severity of my pain (I’m so fed up right now!), so I was limited to 30 minute bursts, which is about how long I can sit comfortably for. Yet another trip to yet another hospital for my 8th MRI scan in the space of two years has been my only trip outside the house this week, so taking care of my mind is becoming paramount once more. Bannering – when it is even possible – is a source of great relief and positive distraction.

It took way longer than usual to complete this one, despite being stuck at home. When my pain is moderate, my bannering really helps me, but as it gets worse (generally at night) I lose my ability to focus even on this kind of mindful activity. Taking some time off next to focus on getting myself in a better place. Looking for some light in my own cloudy night. See you all soon.

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