Campioni Athens 2007

Until 1 June 2019, I had considered this banner cursed. Since May 2007, when it was created with a Greek theme for the final in Athens v AC Milan (the one we prefer to forget), it lay in a cupboard, unloved. I took it out again for the final in 2018. Same result. Why did I take it out for a third time? Liverpool fans don’t believe in luck – we believe in destiny.

My place of work. Monday 3 June 2019. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐?

Hasty additions were made for the homecoming parade on 2 June, and here are two of my creations hanging from the windows of my classroom on June 3 2019.

Update: After the Reds’ long awaited league win, this was hung from my sisters house. Sadly it was left out in the rain and became saturated. As this banner had never been stitched and the design was only stuck in place (I made it 13 years before this business was established), it fell apart. RIP Campioni – third time lucky. ? I may remake it properly one day if ever I have time.

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