While the word “Kopite” has come to be used by those outside the club to refer to all Liverpool supporters, those of us versed in the Reds’ history know that this is not at all accurate.

For decades, there existed an internal rivalry between those who watched the game from the most famous terrace in world football and those who preferred to get up close and personal with the away support at the Anfield Road end of the ground. There were even songs sung from one end of the ground to the other, baiting the rival section and spurring each other to greater noise. Indeed, it was Liverpool supporters in the Anny Road end, rather than supporters of any other club, who first coined the chant “Kopites are gobs****s!”

This banner design celebrates the Road Enders, famous for their style, with an Adidas themed banner, using the same style of numbering and lettering that appeared on our shirts in the early 1990s. The Liverbird itself even gets in on the act with a pair of red Gazelles, a particular favourite piece of footwear from that same era.

Block 128, for those who haven’t sat there, is tucked in the corner where the Anny Road end meets the Kemlyn Road (Sir Kenny Dalglish) stand, and so is a particularly good vantage point for corner kicks taken in that particular part of the ground, so look out for it (and its owner Eddy) when you are next at Anfield.

Eddy’s banner was one of the first to benefit from my new fire-proofing service and certification. ??

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