All set for my next project, which is the fourth in my series of champions banners inspired by Liverpool shirts.

First, there was this:

Then came this:

And then there was this:

I will be starting work at the weekend… watch this space. ?

Got to work this evening by printing my stencils and ‘stitching’ them together with tape. This is quite time consuming and annoying at times, but the least enjoyable part of every banner project is the first thing to complete. After that it’s all pretty enjoyable and absorbing.

Lettering stencil done.
And the lettering cut from felt now too.

Saturday afternoon was nice and bright, so sitting in my workplace by the window, it seemed the perfect time to tackle the most complex piece of this design – the crest. It will be a slightly pared down, simplified version (to keep time and costs down for the customer) but retaining the general shape of the centenary badge so it doesn’t look out of place alongside the Carlsberg font.

Cutting this element of the crest stencil took 18 minutes
After dipping in and out of it throughout the evening, this is the point I reached.

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