An unusual slogan, but if you know, you know. ?

A group of Sandon exiles who gather on Walton Breck Road on matchdays by the garage commissioned this to formalise their “pub”. The brief is to make an old school banner with a traditional feel that plays on the tradition of pub names on LFC flags.

Day 1 – design

I set to work on the layout, which the customer wants to be clean and simple – Liverbird, six stars, text top and bottom.

Having played around with several different fonts, the lads settled on the fourth design above. This was by far my favourite look too.

Day 2 – printing and creating stencils

With the design chosen, it is printed and then tiled together with Sellotape and stencils are cut for all the shapes. This is by far my least favourite part of any project as it takes forever! I need to invest in an A3 printer, as this would halve the amount of taping required.

Day 3 – stencilling and cutting

Big day of progress on this one today. Having finished creating the letter stencils, I used them to mark out my fabric and cut the shapes. Also finished the stars. Saving the Liverbird for tomorrow, and then I’ll be ready to start fixing.

Day 4 – measuring and fixing

With the final pieces cut out, it is time to lay everything out and carefully measure and mark the correct positions before fixing in place.

Every piece now in place and ready for stitching this week. And so the next project begins…


Back from stitching, and as usual, a perfect job by Debbie, applying the finishing touches to my work. Ready for delivery to its proud new owner this afternoon.

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