From Shankly to Dalglish, Liverpool enjoyed an unprecedented, uninterrupted period of success. The succession was never in question, the next man in line always an obvious appointment.

It would take 15 years after the abdication of The King before glory returned in one of the two competitions Kopites have been raised on, with Rafa Benítez achieving the impossible, guiding a side composed of a few great players and plenty of also-rans to a European Cup comeback against the might of AC Milan.

A further 14 years would pass before a similar feat would be achieved, but this time with the assembly of a team truly replete with champions. Jürgen’s men repeated Rafa’s heroics in 2019, and ended the 30 year wait for a League title a year later.

The succession was finally complete, the Boot Room had found its spiritual heir. The sixth of these Giants Amongst Men.

This banner, commissioned by previous customer Mark Montgomery as a gift for his friend, marks the end of this wait and the completion of the circle.

The giant writing speaks of the scale of the achievements of these great men, and the faces, the first I have crafted, seek to capture their spirit. I hope I have managed to achieve this. The overall look, with the faces gazing into the distance, reminds me of Mount Rushmore – perhaps this is how it will be known in years to come?

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