Currently third in line (so due to be started in the next couple of weeks), this design is the epitome of class. Using my hand-drawn version of the classic Liverbird from the Paisley Gateway as its centrepiece, and the elegant Albertus font, trimmed with gold, for the text, this banner will have a classic and timeless quality – a real heirloom.

Either side of this traditional Liverbird will be the two trophies that Kopites care most about, and of course the Hillsborough eternal flames.

It will also contain one of my ‘secret’ features, visible only from close up, that personalises it to the customer’s family. It will be very special indeed. Can you spot it?

Finally began work a couple of weeks before Christmas, and began by tackling the tricky bit – that posh bird.

The gallery below gives a really good insight into my processes – and also into how family life can sometimes bring production to a halt!

Finally ready to put it all together, but quite a task. Ended up on my knees until 1am, but we got there.

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