Designed more than 9 months ago, my loyal customer waited patiently through a house move, a house renovation, the birth of my second child and the general chaos of my life to finally see this banner come to fruition.

It charts the #Succession of the Melwood #bootroom dynasty, and frames #Klopp as a rightful successor to #Shankly.

Each great man is represented by his signature garment adorning the trophy that means most to all #Kopites, the League. For #Shankly, his famous track top, a backdrop for the old League trophy. For #Jürgen, his synonymous baseball cap, hanging over the crown of the Premier League trophy, hung up after a job well done.

A nod to wider German culture comes in the font choice, taken from theatrical posters for the 1981 classic #DasBoot. Hopefully Herr Klopp will appreciate its gentle humour.

The addition of a 1980s-style crest and a classic pair of Germany’s finest boots hark back to the glory days, when the Bootroom dynasty truly did make the League title our “bread and butter”.

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