When I got the nod to create this banner for a customer across the Atlantic in New Jersey, I cannot quite explain how excited I was by the challenge.

The brief was simply for a banner that celebrated his son’s favourite player, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and potentially some kind of reference to that famous Anfield night in May 2019 when a moment of quick thinking completed the most stunning comeback in the history of our great stadium. The mighty Barcelona felled, the great Lionel Messi humbled, and myself and 55,211 others privileged to be in the ground that night utterly dumbfounded by what they had witnessed.

The iconic moment in that European Cup campaign, this was the moment when the Scouser in our Team became a global football icon.


Now in full flow on this project, and progressing quickly, despite being hampered by a resurgence in my back pain. I’ve been off work this week as my head has been spun out a little by painkillers. Still able to hold a pair of scissors, though, and crafting always takes my mind off the pain, so I’ve been throwing myself into this project, particularly in the evenings when the pain is at its worst.

A few days (and an estimated 40 hours of work) later, and every detail had been added, every shadow and highlight cut, every piece perfectly aligned. All ready for stitching.

This design has proved so popular that I have added it to the selection of designs available in my RedBubble shop to buy on everything from t-shirts to shower curtains.

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