Another remake of a classic, customer David, a fanatical Irish Red, made his Up The Reds banner last year. It has seen better days though, with peeling paint and a slightly dodgy sixth star.

David decided to retire this flag early and have his idea made more permanent with a fully stitched, classic banner. His original layout really works well and there was no need to rework it too heavily. A brilliantly clear slogan and 6 stars tell their own story.

The customer did say he’d like to include a nod to the success of this season, and the subtle addition of a Premier League crown to the head of the Liverbird achieves this aim.

After laying out and measuring, it all looks a bit sharper and is now ready for fixing and then stitching. 5 days post back surgery, I’m not quite up to this job yet, so I’ll park this project for a couple of days and start the light work on the next one.

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