Just as with the costing of the banners themselves, I want to be as transparent as possible about the cost of mailing. Like you, I get frustrated by businesses that use their postage and packaging charges as a way of making you pay more for your items, without any real justification. I want you to know exactly where your money is going. As all my banners are high-value items, I insist on shipping them by the most secure method.

For domestic shipping, this is Royal Mail Special Delivery, which guarantees delivery the next day by 1pm and insures your banner’s full value against damage or going missing.

I have also recently invested an environmentally friendly form of packaging, as I didn’t like the fact that I have now sent out over 30 plastic mailing bags. From now on, all my banners will be shipped in eco friendly, sustainable, 100% recyclable Kraft paper mailing bags, stamped with the Handmade Banners logo. This has slightly increased my packaging costs, but by buying in bulk, I’ve managed to keep the costs reasonable.

The total cost of domestic mailing therefore comes in at £12 – £11.05 for the Royal Mail Special Delivery (small parcel) and the remaining 95p being my packaging costs. I do not make any money from making sure your banner gets to you safely and, of course, if you live locally on Merseyside, we can make arrangements for a personal handover instead.

For international postage, contact me and I will investigate the options before letting you know the cost. You have my promise that you will not be overcharged.

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