The completed banner.

A poignant project built around the lyrics to one of the greatest songs of all time, this banner speaks of a family’s longing to have just one more match with their beloved sister, Simran.

Simran died of lymphoma in October 2021, aged just 26. A devoted Red, a banner like this was the perfect way for her family to commemorate her and to take her with them wherever they go.

The banner sports a traditional style Liverbird, and for added elegance, lettering trimmed with bright gold. In old gold, Simran’s name and dates are picked out, flanked by twin eternal flames, burning for Simran, of course, but also for the victims of Hillsborough.

As a final detail and my own personal tribute to a beautiful and brave young woman, I added You’ll Never Walk Alone, translated into Sim’s family’s traditional tongue of Punjabi. This embellishes the blank areas of the banner in a subtle red-on-red design.

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