A Kop season-ticket holder in the famously noisy block 202 (where I used to sit before graduating to the luxury of the new Main Stand ?) wants this banner to help create some of the Kop magic for his family while exiled to the sofa for the remainder of the season.

After a few designs back and forth, he decided on the Albertus font, which is very close to the font Liverpool use on their signage and the club crest.

The Trophies

The Reds currently hold three trophies and are on the verge of collecting a fourth. This banner celebrates this moment, when Liverpool are reigning champions in four competitions, champions of England, of Europe and of the World. The trophies will therefore be the talking point of this banner, and my plan is to give them a good deal of care and attention. I have begun this evening with the stencils.

Today, I’ve started marking out and cutting the trophies. I knew the hardest one would be the Premier League trophy, and so I decided to tackle it first while I still had the will. It’s fair to say I got a little carried away with the details. ?

Next day, carried on with some more trophy work. This is pretty intricate stuff. Quite niggly to do, but I like to think the end results speak for themselves.


Compared to the trophies, this is easy, but relatively boring. ?

Important, nevertheless, and requires every bit as much care and attention.


While a design on a computer can give you some idea of how a banner will look, until all the elements are in place and I have the chance to physically move them around and step back and look at the overall picture, it is hard to see what works best.

It quickly became clear that the original layout did not work, as there was a visual imbalance because of the gold on the Premier League and World Club Cup trophies. So I decided to switch the positions of Super Cup and the World Club Cup to create a visual interlocking chiasmus. You can take the Latin teacher out of the poetry, but you can’t take the poetry out of the Latin teacher.

All ready for fixing in the morning, and soon to be stitched and delivered to its proud new owner.

Just when you think you’ve nearly finished, there comes the most niggly part of a project, but this is the bit that makes it all worthwhile. I am a perfectionist in this respect, and every mark is perfectly in place to the millimetre.

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