The brief for this one is simple. An old-school look (rough edged, Soviet style lettering) Liverbird, LIVERPOOL F.C., big #19. Worked on a few designs, and the customer decided to do this one in a wide (4m X 1.5m) format. As I only have my standard 2.5m pieces in stock, I have put in an order for this fabric. Watch this space.


Before the background fabric arrived, I was able to begin work on the Liverbird. As it fills the full height of the fabric, this is huge – by far the biggest Liverbird I’ve worked on. So big, in fact, that I couldn’t get it from a single width of felt – I had to set up a Build-A-Bird Workshop. ?

The red fabric arrived a day or two later, and I was able to start playing with layout, finish my stencils, and cut out the lettering. All my banners are handmade, but the fan who commissioned this one was keen that it should LOOK handmade and “old school”. This Soviet propaganda font, which is a bit imperfect rough around the edges, was the perfect fit for the brief.

I ran out of white felt at this point, so haven’t quite reached the end, as there is a giant 19 to add to this extra long banner – so big, in fact, that I am struggling to find a place to work on it at home!

Can’t wait for that felt to arrive so I can finish this and deliver it to its proud owner. Normally I could just pop to Abakhan and buy what I need, but Covid-19 lockdown has made this a lot harder – it certainly tests the patience!


With the shops reopening today, I was able to get to Abakhan and box off my work on this today. This banner was a lot harder to make than it looks – those simple- looking numbers actually required me to effectively cut each shape four times. Looks great though! After an annoying delay, it’s finally ready to go to Debbie for stitching tomorrow.

Back from stitching today, and off to its proud new owner in time for the Derby.

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