A two-tone banner design to sum up the two great traditions of LFC’s success.

Carpe Diem – seize the day – refers to our domestic league success, 19 times winners of a competition largely played in daylight, traditionally at 3pm on a Saturday (although we know how infrequent that kick-off time has been seen in recent years!).

Carpe Noctem – seize the night – alludes to the other half of our club’s persona, its enormous success in the European Cup, a trophy contested in midweek, late evening kick-offs under floodlights.


Progress on this banner has been really slow as I am once again incapacitated by my glass back. The surgery I had last summer has officially failed, and I feel like I’m back to square one. I have been signed off work for a month by my consultant surgeon, and while crafting is very beneficial to my wellbeing, I have to exercise a lot of caution and limit myself to doing the cutting (which I can do comfortably lying down). I drafted in some help to do the laying out from my mum, another avid Red who was happy to follow my instructions.

Anyway, the results were more than satisfactory, and I got a little bit of welcome distraction from what has been a constant pain for the last two or three weeks.

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