When I reach the end of a banner project, I am always confident handing over my work to the incredibly skilled Debbie – who you can find on Facebook

Always immaculate

Working from home in Higher Bebington, Wirral, Debbie has 30 years of experience as an industrial seamstress that is perfectly suited to adding the finishing touches to your design and fixing it permanently in place – no matter how complicated.

Amazing attention to detail

I know I can trust Debbie with my work as she shares my attention to detail and perfectionist streak. As well as fixing the design in place, she hems the banners along the top in order to accommodate a cord for tying, and left and right to allow for the insertion of poles on either side.

As well as being the go to sewist for my flags and banners, Debbie also engages in all kinds of sewing and alterations.

Memory bears and memory cushions made by Debbie to remember loved ones

She is so skilled, she can magic a teddy bear or a cushion from almost anything – which is a lovely way of remembering a lost loved one with a treasured piece of their clothing.

Get in touch with Debbie on 07884373004 or through her Facebook page.

Meticulous work

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