Superb Finish

Like Bobby Firmino, I pride myself on giving all my creations a bit of extra flair and applying the best possible finish. It may take me a while to get there, but like Jurgen's Red Men, I won't settle for second best.

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The finest materials

I search far and wide for only the finest fabrics, many of which are from the established local Merseyside firm Abakhan - it is important to me to support the local economy. For my backgrounds, I use only the best quality cotton drill fabric while I craft the designs from quality wool-mix felts.

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Creative designs

Inspired by the City of Liverpool, its rich history and culture, and of course, the achievements of its great football club, I go beyond the usual football flags to create pieces to be proud of.

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Working together with an experienced industrial seamstress, I can start from your own design or from just an idea and make it a reality. There is almost no emblem or design I will not try to replicate in hand-cut fabric.

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If I Hadn’t Seen Such Riches

Born in the 70s, a child of the 80s, I came of age in the 90s, when one of my first (and most enduring) musical loves was the Manchester band James. Their Strip Mine, Gold Mother, Seven and Laid albums were the soundtrack to my formative years. I was delighted, then, to be asked to

The Lecky Side

A nice simple design, this one is for all the Kirkby Reds – or half of them at least! The banner has a few details that set it apart. The angular font choice lends an old-school flavour, while the fine detail of the rosette adds a touch of class. This banner was also the first

Liverpool FC – 6 Times

And we’re off again… No messing around, witty one-liners or meaningful quotes for this. A simple Reds banner that does what it says on the tin. “LIVERPOOL F.C.” text ⚽ ✅ 6 European Cups 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 ✅ Liverbird 🦅 ✅ Eternal flames 🔥 ✅ What more do you need? Throw in a couple of personal touches

He Ain’t Heavy

Commissioned by a proud family of Reds to celebrate back to back seasons of success for Jürgen and the boys, it will feature the two trophies Liverpudlians are raised to crave most. Dad John was looking for the perfect gift for his Liverpool mad twin sons to mark their 21st birthday. The banner was kept

The One And Only

A commission for a proud Red, this one will mark forever this moment in time, when our beloved Reds are Champions of Everything. It will deliver on high impact lettering and tiny details, so it will look as good from the far end of Anfield as it does when holding it in your hands. This

Campioni 205

This Kopite wanted his banner to be a permanent reminder of this championship winning season, as well as a nod to the last one 30 years ago. In the mix also is the vantage point from which he watched Jürgen’s boys doing the business in this memorable period.

Handmade with passion

My family motto, "ex sudore vultus - from hard work comes beauty", is fundamental to everything I make. I will work with you to make your banner vision a reality with a timeless design. Check out the gallery to view my work.