Inspired by the Hachimaki (headbands) first believed to have been worn by the Samurai as head protection under their helmets, this banner pays tribute to Liverpool’s own Samurai (the nickname of the Japanese National Team). The Hachimaki, which usually includes Kanji and the Hinomaru 🇯🇵, is traditionally worn as a symbol of effort or courage.

My design replaces the Kanji with Endo’s name in Latin script, but the use of a stylised font which imitates the brush stroke calligraphy of Kanji allowed me to retain the aesthetic of the Hachimaki. The Hinomaru itself forms the O in Endo’s name.

Wataru Endo, the captain of Japan, turned a few heads when signing for Jürgen’s Reds in the summer of 2023, and having missed out on a couple of potential signings in the defensive midfield area, there were those who had it pegged as a panic buy.

The truth is, as we have seen in his early outings, Endo is a vastly experienced international with an incredible engine, good game management, and an eye for a tackle and a positive pass. He is a great addition to the squad, and the idea of this banner was to help him to settle in and make him really feel at home.

The real beauty of this banner lies in its simplicity, but also in its hidden details. In white on white, Endo-san’s name is embroidered in Japanese, while the red sun motif of the Hinomaru (representing the Land of the Rising Sun) includes a hidden red Liverbird – a colour connection bridging a gap between two Red worlds.

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