Due to the popularity of my work and the fact that each banner takes an average of 10 days to make, I have a long waiting list of approximately 10 months for my banners. My current project alone has taken 3 weeks and counting.

Please do not contact me to request banners for the Champions League Final in Paris – I am currently having to turn away around 20 enquiries per day, and responding to them all is taking up a lot of my time. If you need a quick, printed banner, I am afraid I am not, and will never be, your man.

If you are willing to wait for a quality, heirloom piece, you are of course welcome to join the waiting list for 2023 and a potential return to Istanbul. 🕌

Those who have been on the waiting list for a while will probably be aware that I had massive health problems in 2021, culminating in major spinal surgery and a lengthy lay-off. I can only apologise for how long it has been, and I hope you will find it is worth the wait when I eventually get to you. If you would like an update about your position on the list, just email me at info@handmadebanners.co.uk and I will let you know where you are and estimate your latest wait time.

Up The Reds. 👊🏻

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