Superb Finish

Like Bobby Firmino, I pride myself on giving all my creations a bit of extra flair and applying the best possible finish. It may take me a while to get there, but like Jurgen's Red Men, I won't settle for second best.

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The finest materials

I search far and wide for only the finest fabrics, many of which are from the established local Merseyside firm Abakhan - it is important to me to support the local economy. For my backgrounds, I use only the best quality cotton drill fabric while I craft the designs from quality wool-mix felts.

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Creative designs

Inspired by the City of Liverpool, its rich history and culture, and of course, the achievements of its great football club, I go beyond the usual football flags to create pieces to be proud of.

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Working together with an experienced industrial seamstress, I can start from your own design or from just an idea and make it a reality. There is almost no emblem or design I will not try to replicate in hand-cut fabric.

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A Small Belief

Many aspects of Liverpool culture are at play in this design. The quote is from Pete Wylie’s The Mighty Wah! song ‘Come Back’, which in turn refers to the obvious Gerry & The Pacemakers smash so familiar to all Reds. The adapted Liverbird is a nod to Liverpool’s terrace culture and the love of the

Bastion of Invincibility

Any Liverpool fan worth their salt will be familiar with this phrase, famously uttered by the great Bill Shankly reflecting on his ambitions for the club. My idea was to build Liverpool into a bastion of invincibility. … I wanted Liverpool to be untouchable. My idea was to build Liverpool up and up until eventually everyone

Crest Pennant

A very special project that was commissioned a while ago, but I didn’t feel ready to tackle… until now. As I have spent the last few months honing my skills and attempting more and more complex appliqué tasks, I decided that now was the time. The customer gave me a long time frame to work

Champions (Back On Our Perch)

I am very excited to tackle this project as it includes my most elaborate and detailed trophy to date. I want it to look so good it seems like you could reach into the banner and hoist the trophy above your head. Too ambitious? We’ll see. 😂 I worked on this banner when I was

Up the Reds (2020)

Another remake of a classic, customer David, a fanatical Irish Red, made his Up The Reds banner last year. It has seen better days though, with peeling paint and a slightly dodgy sixth star. David decided to retire this flag early and have his idea made more permanent with a fully stitched, classic banner. His

A Big Club (2020)

As every Hollywood director knows, it is a dangerous business to try and remake a true classic. However, when the original artist gets in touch and asks you to rework and improve his ideas, it becomes a more intriguing prospect. The original banner was fixed with glue and fell apart in the rain in Athens,

Handmade with passion

My family motto, "ex sudore vultus - from hard work comes beauty", is fundamental to everything I make. I will work with you to make your banner vision a reality with a timeless design. Check out the gallery to view my work.