Some of my work has captured the attention of cameramen and journalists, both locally and further afield…

Liverpool Echo

The Liverpool Echo picked up on my work from Twitter and recently published this article about me and my banners…

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Press photos of lockdown games

I was delighted to be contacted out of the blue by Joanna at TIA who had seen my website and taken a keen interest in my work. We talked about my inspiration, my motivation, and how I started in bannering. Read more here:

BBC News

A reporter spotted my Our Lads banner at the 2019 homecoming. This was the result, which appeared on the BBC News site:

Liverpool Echo again

My first banner also featured in an article about legendary LFC steward Alan Edwards, a.k.a. Lucky Steward. The man, the myth, the legend. Click on the photo to read the article:

Video here

Sky TV

My banners have been picked up by the TV cameras on quite a few occasions, most recently during the closed-doors game v Crystal Palace.

New York Times and Hello Magazine

Neither of these publications are necessarily where you’d expect to see your LFC flag featured, but that’s what happened in May 2005…

The New York Times photo to accompany their coverage of the 2005 homecoming parade.