Qatar Heroes

Designed, and soon to be created, for Amit and the Liverpool supporters group in Qatar, I was grateful to be given a lot of creative freedom to make something special for this project. The group have an existing, commercially printed banner which simply reads “Qatar Reds” and which features the silhouetted images of the two

Different From The Rest

A banner that has been months in the planning for the fan commissioning it, it’s finally time to make it happen. Incorporating all the domestic, European and intercontinental trophies the Reds have ever picked up, with a special nod to the most recent addition claimed by the club. Also, on the eve of a Derby,

Far Have I Travelled

For many of us, our football club is our world. For we Reds, our club’s success has also sparked a wanderlust, nurturing a travel bug in many of us born of our European exploits. This design celebrates the many happy times spent in Europe and across the world following the Red Men.

Now You’re Gonna Believe Us

A simple message. A bold design. A message for those who doubted that Liverpool would ever rise from our slumber. Celebrating the greatest twelve months this wonderful football club has seen for 30+ years, it’s no wonder we want to crow about it. Four gleaming trophies and a proud Liverbird keeping watch over them. A

The banners so far

I thought it was about time I reflected on everything I’ve achieved since I set up my little business in April. I am feeling very proud of the way I have used my crafting to turn some of the negatives in my life into huge positives in the space of just a few months. So,

If Carlsberg did Champions…

All set for my next project, which is the fourth in my series of champions banners inspired by Liverpool shirts. First, there was this: Then came this: And then there was this: Got to work this evening by printing my stencils and ‘stitching’ them together with tape. This is quite time consuming and annoying at