A very special project that was commissioned a while ago, but I didn’t feel ready to tackle… until now.

As I have spent the last few months honing my skills and attempting more and more complex appliqué tasks, I decided that now was the time.

The customer gave me a long time frame to work on this pennant, which is to measure 65cm X 1m. It is to hang in his home office and the brief was to pull out all the stops and make a piece that merited being pride of place.

The design took a long time to create. The intricate knife work to produce the stencils was followed by equally fine scissor work using my razor-edge micro tip scissors.

Then to assemble the pennant itself. I made this with double thickness of cotton drill, with rope piping stitched into the seams and bullion fringing at the bottom.

Finally, time to put it all together…

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